Titans @ Browns Review & Titans vs. Colts Preview



  • Delanie Walker soundbite 

  • Cameron Wake named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

  • Derrick Mason (1997-2004), Eddie George (1996-2003), Lorenzo Neal (1999-2000), Steve Hutchison (2012), Gary Anderson (2003-2004) early nominee for HOF

  • Game 1 Recap: @ Browns

    • Browns fans and their beer

    • Offense

      • Slow start, but still scored a FG on the opening drive

      • Conklin is back

      • Still struggling at the one guard spot

      • Mariota was good, not great (yet); 14/24 248 yds 3 TDs

      • Henry picked back up where he left off

      • Dion Lewis - will he be a mid-season scratch?

      • Great play-calling by OC Arthur Smith

    • Defense

      • Two words… Cameron Wake

      • Took the first punch by the Browns and hit back

      • Safety, 3 picks, 1 TD

      • Byard - more interceptions than anyone since 2017

      • At least 2 other potential interceptions dropped

    • Score prediction

      • Titans 27 Browns 13

      • Actual: Titans 43 Browns 13

  • Game 2: vs. Colts

    • #9 Steve McNair & #27 Eddie George numbers are being retired

    • Titans are 2-1 vs Brissett (Titans 1 loss he only threw 2 passes in cleanup work)

    • Offense

      • Punish the Colts defense with the running game

      • Get Corey Davis involved early

      • Throw deep early to free up the box

      • Make sure 3rd downs are manageable and then convert them

      • No turnovers

    • Defense

      • Must keep the pressure on this week by forcing Brissett to throw the ball away

      • Don’t take the focus off containing the run

      • Force more turnovers

      • Jurrell Casey needs to make a statement

      • Play mentally tough by staying in the gameplan

      • Better tackling from LBs

    • Score prediction

      • Titans 31 Colts 17

Stupid Question of the Week

  • How many games do the Titans need to win before the majority of the national sports media gives them credit?

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