Tennessee Titans Trade #1 Overall Pick To The Rams

The Tennessee Titans Trade #1 overall, #113 overall (4th round), and #177 overall (6th round) to the Los Angelos Rams for #15 overall, #43 overall (2nd round), #45 overall (2nd round), #76 overall (3rd round) in the 2016 draft, and the Rams 1st and 3rd round picks from 2017. With this trade the Titans have 6 picks in the first 76. 

“I’m not scared to do what’s best for this football team,” said Titans GM Jon Robinson.

This gives the Titans more “currency” to possibly move up and get a player the team was targeting from the beginning. Robinson said it is not out of the question for the team to move back up and get the player they would have taken at #1 and still have high picks remaining.