My Thoughts on 2015 Free Agency - Offensive Line

The 2014 Titans had, quite possibly, the most disappointing offensive line in the league. 


Michael Roos

  • Has decided to call it a career. We will miss him, but I'm not surprised by the move. This will open up the left tackle spot for Taylor Lewan

Michael Oher

  • Was cut by the Titans in February, but will probably be picked up by another team; maybe not during training camp, but will be at the top of the list for teams with injuries. To be honest I was excited about having Oher on the Titans roster, but he appeared to "phone it in" for most of the season. He might have been dealing with nagging injuries or dealing with a new system, but it was time for him to go. I wish him well.

Taylor Lewan


  • Lewan showed the tenacity and mean streak you really want from your lineman. However, he also showed a lack of emotional control you also want. I think this can be attributed to his rookie emotions and being thrown into the mix early due to injuries on the Titans O-line. I am excited about how he his growth as a Titan. He will be a real anchor in 2015.


Potential FA Signs I Would Love (or at least tolerate):


  • Bryan Bulaga (Packers)  - He is a true anchor on the right side (which is exactly what we need). My only concern is that he has had hip injuries and a torn ACL. He missed the entire 2013 season due to injury. However, he has played at the highest level including the youngest player to start a Super Bowl. He can bring some veteran leadership to a line that is losing almost all of it.
  • Doug Free (Cowboys) - Again, he is another tackle that fits in on the right side. At 31, he is a little long in the tooth for a long-term commitment. He is a solid player that has improved his game and again would bring that elusive leadership to the team. He has also played in playoff games which is something the Titans haven't seen in so long that the team thinks you can only get there by riding unicorns.
  • Joe Barksdale (Rams) - He could be plugged in on the right side, and is younger than the other two on the list. Unfortunately, he has already spent time on the Raiders and Rams and that tells me that two teams have already tried him out and he is moving on. It would be nice for the Titans to steal a player from Jeff Fisher instead of the other way around.


Andy Levitre


  • Levitre had serious issues this past season, and he is owed $6.5 million in salary and $2.1 million in signing bonus for 2015. With this amount of money he should be a solid player on the line, but struggled throughout the 2014 season. There is serious discussion that he will be cut. With a salary hit of roughly $8.6 million, I'm not so sure that would be a good idea. If we make him a backup, that might push him to raise his game to where it was before 2014.


Chance Warmack


  • Warmack also struggled in 2014. He was touted to be as "strong as an ox", but was consistently pushed around when the Titans attempted to run the ball. He seemed to be confused  or playing beyond his position often. However, by the end of the season, he settled down, but by then the team was hard to watch because they were falling apart at the seams. This is the season I expect Warmack to show us his true talent that we have wanted to see. 


Potential FA Signs I Would Love (or at least tolerate):


  • Mike Iupati (49ers) - He is a mauler. That is EXACTLY what you want from your guard position. However, he didn't have his best season in 2014, and my fear is that he may be Levitre 2.0. For a free agent, he is the right age. Young enough to have a nice career ahead of him, but old enough to be a seasoned veteran. He was on the 2012 All-Pro team (first string).
  • Orlando Franklin (Broncos) - He brings the ability to play both guard and tackle. He had one of his best seasons in 2014 while playing guard. He is also another player that has played at the highest level (Super Bowl XLVIII). At 6' 7" 320 lbs, Franklin is a mountain of a man. I think he would also bring good versatility for the Titans line.
  • Clint Boling (Bengals) - A young, true starting guard that will be in high demand. He might be re-signed by the Bengals, but is high on the list of teams like the Jets. I would love to steal away a player that the Jets coveted.


Brian Schwenke


  • Schwenke is coming off a season-ending knee injury. He was a solid starter for the Titans up to that point. His salary is very friendly to the cap and I am excited to see him back on the field. Chris Spencer filled in for him and did "ok" job, but the Titans 2014 offensive line played so poorly that it is really hard to give a good grade to anyone here. 


Overall Thoughts

Like I said, this unit was the most disappointing of the team in 2014. Almost anything would be an improvement here. There are certain starters that are in their last chance with the team, Others that will get a full season at the position for the first time, and yet others that will find themselves looking for jobs elsewhere. My opinion is that the Titans need more than draft help here. Yes, I see the Titans drafting a guard or tackle in the 3rd to 5th rounds, but free agency is a must for at least one of these positions.