2016 Potential Free Agent Picks

Today a list was published on NFL.com of the top 20 free agents for the upcoming 2016 season. There are many fantastic players on that list that would fit perfectly into the needs of the Titans. Below are my thoughts on the ones that might fill a need for this highly dysfunctional team.


Derrick Johnson

He is a veteran that might just become a cap casualty for the Chiefs. At 33, he is not in his prime, but the Titans are young and need leadership. He is a tackling machine with 962 tackles (as of this past weekend) in 11 seasons in the NFL. He also has 13 interceptions, 21 forced fumbles, and 3 TDs. This season alone he is on pace for over 100 tackles. The Titans are in need of an upgrade to middle linebacker, and if he is available, this would be a great addition. However, out of all the team needs, to me, this is at the bottom of the list.

Danny Trevathan

He is an up and coming talent. He has 171 total tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 5 interceptions and 1 TD. The only issue is that he doesn't bring the level of leadership this team craves. I'm afraid that the contract he will require is going to out-measure the skill he brings.


Josh Norman

He is having a fantastic year. He has 7 interceptions in his 4 year career, but of those 7, 4 are from this year with 2 being for TDs. He has career highs in interceptions, passes defensed, touchdowns, and forced fumbles. The only problem here is that I don't believe there is any way the Panthers let him go. If he doesn't get a contract signed, then he will most likely be franchised.


Janoris Jenkins 

He is a player that seems to be getting better each season. This just might mean that he is ready for a breakout season. Through 4 seasons he has 10 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 47 passes defensed, and 5 TDs. This might be a player that we can land without a break-the-bank contract.


Cordy Glenn

He is that diamond in the rough, the protector of the QB's blind side, and he is that franchise left tackle that every team needs. He won't make it past the franchise tag, but if he does the Titans offensive line would take a huge step forward.


Eric Berry

With the inevitable loss of Michael Griffin, this position must be filled with a highly talented player. This could be THE player to grab in free agency for the Titans. He has ties to Tennessee because he attended the University of Tennessee. He has been stronger and more focused since he returned from his cancer scare. This should be the #1 person on the Titans list.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of potential free agents, and as noted above there are several that will receive the franchise tag, and if the Titans do sign these players it will not solve all of their issues. Whoever the Titans sign, they need to make an immediate impact.