Episode 274 - Titans @ Texans and Titans @ Saints

274 Take On The Titans news items:


  • Hello guys,

    I'm Joe, I live in Gardner, Kansas. I've been a die hard Titans fan for years. I gotta say I really miss the Steve McNair and Eddie George years…

    Moving on from the yesteryears though I gotta say, I think we (as fans) should give whisenhunt a break. He inherited a horrible roster outside of Casey and I believe that Wright could be a great receiver if we had a few more weapons to go along him.. I've got to give whisenhunt credit for going with Mariota instead of trading the pick away for multiple picks, I certainly would have draft day, but after watching Mariota, with a better line and a few playmakers I believe he could become a true star in this league (if he can stay healthy).

    Falcons v. Titans
    The defense stepped up all game, the offense let them down. Another case of not being able to close out a game and finish an opponent off. Of course some of the blame could go on coaching, but players need to be held accountable as well. If we could close an opponent out just ONCE! I think that sort of thing can become infectious and games after that players can start feeling the (we've been here, done that) attitude it takes to win those games and not the (oh, here we go again) mentality that seems to be in the locker room now.

    My players of the game
    Offense: hard to choose but I'll go with Walker.
    Defense: Woodyard

    Keep up the great work guys!! I enjoy listening to your podcast.
    Joe in KC

    P.S. Go Royals!!
    Eric, Lindsey, and Michael.

    I had to say something about this coaching change. Yes Whiz was awful, no doubt. However making Mike Mularkey the stand in head coach isn’t going to change things. It’s still the same system whiz left behind. I think this is going to be another lost season for us fans. I listened to every minute of the press conference about the coaching change and all that I had learned is  Mike Mularkey has no direction of his own for this team, and it didn’t sound like he was going to change much. and also ownership made it clear that all they care about is butts in the seats. STUPID.

    listen i know that Mularkey was just propelled into this wrong but he had to have an idea this was coming and have had some kinda thought about what he would change with this team, but all he kept saying was, "I havn’t had time at all to think about what the team needs going forward".

    I tell ya guys, give me a clipboard, I’d at least get this team to 5 wins with NO EXPERIENCE! what a dumpster fire!



  • Titans fire Ken Whisenhunt

  • Titans hire Mike Mularkey as interim head coach

  • Does this mean the end of Ruston Webster?

  • RB David Cobb probably not back until next week

  • RB Antonio Andrews has finally emerged as the #1 option at RB (for now)

Titans @ Texans

  • Offensive POTG:
    Michael: Ryan Succop
    Lindsey: Antonio Andrews

  • Defensive POTG:
    Michael: Wesley Woodyard/Jurrell Casey
    Lindsey: Brian Orakpo

Titans @ Saints

  • How can the Titans contain Drew Brees?

  • Can this offensive line protect the Titans QB?

  • OC Jason Michael calling the plays on the sideline for the first time

  • Bold Predictions:
    Michael: Titans play strong for 3 1/2 quarters instead of 2
    Lindsey: Titans win

  • Score
    Michael: Titans 17 Saints 21
    Lindsey: Titans 21 Saints 17

Stupid Question of the Week

  • If it were possible, would you rehire Jeff Fisher? Mike Munchak?