Things To Fix - Offensive Line

There are several parts of this team that needs to be fixed, but let's start with the offensive line. I believe this unit has at least 4 of the 5 best starters already on it.

Let's take a look at our current staters:


  • Left Tackle - Taylor Lewan: Although he has struggled in the last couple of games, he is absolutely the anchor of this line. He has struggled with the penalties, and that is a result of sloppy technique and sloppy coaching. 
  • Left Guard - Byron Bell: He started out at right tackle, but was switched to guard with the first shuffling of the line. We haven't heard his name called much, but the unit as a whole has struggled so much it's hard to think he might be doing a good job. 
  • Center - Andy Gallik: It's tough to get a real feel for this guy, but he is an extremely tough Boston College guy. He did get a concussion almost right off the bat, but he will be the starter if he is cleared by league concussion protocol.
  • Right Guard - Chance Warmack: I switch back and forth whether he is a bust or really good. I think he has some real skills, but his footwork is exploited too often. He is a gifted run blocker, but is beaten off the line by quicker defensive lineman in the passing game.
  • Left Guard - Jeremiah Poutasi: This rookie has struggled against the stars in this league, but he has also had almost no help from the offensive scheme. I believe he would be of better use in another role.

My take on the starting line:


  • Left Tackle - Taylor Lewan: He's too gifted to keep down and too diligent to keep making these mental mistakes.
  • Left Guard - Jeremia Poutasi: He is more of a natural guard, and could gather a real boost in confidence playing next to Lewan.
  • Center - Andy Gallik: At least until Schwenke returns, this is the best option. Looney helped out in a pinch, but I think Gallik is a better fit, and just might supplant Schwenke once we see more of him.
  • Right Guard - Chance Warmack: He is a better player when he has a quality tackle on his right.
  • Right Tackle - Byron Bell: Returning him here is the best option we have for now. He is the one man on the line I think needs to be replaced with a free agent or draft pick in the offseason.


I believe that 75% of the issues with our offense is right here. The line in its current form cannot protect Mariota, and the running game is only succeeding in spurts. This has got to be the main focus of the Mularkey coaching regime.

Current stats:


  • Sacks Allowed: 28 (29th)
  • QB Hits: 57 (29th)
  • Rushing Yards: 701 (24th)
  • Points Scored: 125 (31st)


Strangely enough, this division is still in reach, and the Titans are heading into a tough stretch.