Thursday Night Is A MUST Win!

Thursday the Titans travel to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars. This is not only a conference game and a divisional game, but this is a must win if the Titans are to have any hope of salvaging this season. The Titans are coming off a disappointing performance against the Panthers, and the Jaguars are coming off a miracle win against the Ravens. The Jags are much improved over last season, but so are the Titans. The last 6 years between the two teams has been a split (6 games each). So this history and the current two teams tells me this is going to be a very close game.


The Titans definitely have the edge here. Although Mariota is still very green and the Jaguars have an up and coming QB in Bortles. I believe Mariota has the edge. Stats: Mariota - 224 att 147 comp 1795 yds 13 TDs 6 INT 98.3 QB Rating; Bortles - 356 att 197 comp 2381 yds 19 TDs 11 INT 81.0 QB Rating

Running Backs 

Here is where the Jags have the edge. Rookie RB TJ Yeldon as successful as the Titans top 2 RBs combined. The one unknown link we have is the Titans rookie that has just been activated, David Cobb. He is currently listed as the #4 RB on the depth chart, but expect him to get some carries in this game.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Here is another area where the Jags have the edge. With the injuries to the Titans receiving corp and the struggling DGB, the Titans have to rely on the tight ends to make up the gap. However, the Jags have capable TEs in Mercedes Lewis and Julius Thomas. Even with the recent signings the Titans are still behind.


Here is where the Titans has true definitive edge. The Titans are the 5th overall defense and the Jaguars are 19th. In reviewing the numbers it appears that this game is entirely on the shoulders on how Marcus Mariota can get the passing game in gear against this weaker Jags pass defense.


I think the Titans can shock the Jags with the combined run/pass of Mariota. I think the Titans run-option and quick passing can keep the Jags defense on their heals.

Score: Titans 27 Jags 17