It May Be The Optimist In Me, But...

After reviewing the remaining schedule for the AFC South, I propose that there is a distinct possibility that the Titans can actually make the playoffs. Stay with me here...

Current AFC South Standings

Team W L
Colts 3 4
Texans 2 5
Jaguars 2 5
Titans 1 5

Here are my projections for the Colts and their current schedule:

@ Panthers - Colts Loss
vs. Broncos - Colts Loss
@ Falcons - Colts Loss
vs. Buccaneers - Colts Win
@ Steelers - Colts Loss
@ Jaguars - Colts Win
vs. Texans - Colts Win
@ Dolphins - Colts Loss
vs. Titans - we'll talk about this later

Colts record prior to the last week of the season: 6 - 9 

Here are my projections for the Texans and their schedule:

vs. Titans - Texans loss
@ Bengals - Texans loss
vs. Jets - Texans loss
vs. Saints - Texans loss
@ Bills - Texans loss
vs. Patriots - Texans loss
@ Colts - Texans loss
@ Titans - Texans loss
vs. Jaguars - Texans win

Texans final record: 3 - 13

 Here are my projections for the Jaguars and their schedule:

@ Jets - Jaguars loss
@ Ravens - Jaguars loss
vs. Titans - Jaguars loss
vs. Chargers - Jaguars loss
@ Titans - Jaguars loss
vs. Colts - Jaguars loss
vs. Falcons - Jaguars loss
@ Saints - Jaguars loss
@ Texans - Jaguars loss

Jaguars final record: 2 - 14

Now, here are my early predictions for the Titans and their schedule:

@ Texans - Titans win
@ Saints - Titans loss
vs. Panthers - Titans loss
@ Jaguars - Titans win
vs. Raiders -  Titans win
vs. Jaguars - Titans win
@ Jets - Titans loss
@ Patriots - Titans loss
vs. Texans - Titans win
@ Colts - we'll talk about this in a minute

Titans record prior to the last week of the season: 6 - 9

So, here are the standings in the last week of the season:

Team W L
Colts 6 9
Titans 6 9
Texans  2 13
Jaguars 2 13

So, let's talk about that final game where the Titans travel to play the Colts. This game will decide the AFC South. I believe that this game can be won by the Titans. Mariota will be more comfortable with the offense, and our other rookies will have solidified their positions as well. 

Final (Potential) AFC South Standings

Team  L
Titans  9
Colts  10
Texans  13
Jaguars  14

The Titans will make the playoffs by winning the AFC South. I'm not saying they will go far in the playoffs, in fact, they will most likely be "one and done", but that is vastly superior to last year (and this year's current status).

Well, what do you think? Am I crazy? Stupid? A fan-boy?