Where Does The Blame Lie?

This season there is plenty of blame to go around. The play from key positions has been either below the talent level or exposed that, quite possibly, the Titans are void of talent in that position. The coaching staff has been uninspiring and has many of us scratching our collective heads trying to understand certain aspects of this completely anemic game plan. The front office has consistently provided disappointing talent through the draft and free agents with little interest in anything but collecting a paycheck. As a side note, the front office has also screwed up how Nissan Stadium is managed not only for Titans games, but also for other events held there.

Let's start with the players since they are the largest part of our win-loss record. The secondary has been repeatedly beaten by the deep ball. Players like Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh are the leading candidates for the "Burnt Toast Award".

There doesn't appear to be a running back that has the ability to step up and take the position. Although there is some that will say that Antonio Andrews or Dexter McCluster just need more carries. I'll believe it when I see it.

The offensive line is possibly the most disappointing of all. There is so much talent there. Two 1st-round draft picks have had their ups and downs. One injured and out for the season. One rookie who got rocked in the last game. Finally one that is playing a position that he wasn't originally meant to play. Mariota has been sacked 19 times and been knocked down countless number of times.

Now let's turn our focus to the coaching staff. Do I think Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt should be fired immediately? Actually, no. However, if at the end of the season there hasn't been significant improvement, he would have only proved that he is not right for the job. Also, let me address the little known coach, Offensive Coordinator Jason Michael. I'm not sure how much actual input he has into the game plan or into play-calling, but if anyone should be fired it should be him.

However, I believe I've saved the best (worst) for last. The front office is not only making huge mistakes in personel decisionos, but has failed on every front. Here are a list of some of the failures of GM Ruston Webster that should be producing right now. 


  • 2011 - 1st Round: QB Jake Locker
    • QB Andy Dalton was taken in the 2nd round
    • QB Tyrod Taylor was taken in the 6th round
    • DE JJ Watt was taken 3 picks after Locker
  • 2011 - 2nd Round: Akeem Ayers
    • RB DeMarco Murray was taken in the 3rd round
    • DE Justin Houston was taken in the 3rd round
  • 2011 - 4th Round: Jamie Harper
    • CB Richard Sherman was taken in the 5th round
    • Pro Bowl CB Chris Harris was undrafted
  • 2012 - 3rd Round: DT Mike Martin
    • WR T. Y. Hilton was taken later in the 3rd round
  • 2012 - 4th Round: CB Coty Sensabaugh
    • RB Alfred Morris was taken in the 6th round
    • Pro Bowl S Justin Bethel was taken in the 6th round


Also, the ownership group is in such disarray that there is absolutely zero leadership at the top. How can you guide a billion dollar corporation with no leadership. You can't.