3 Reasons To Still Be Excited About The Titans Season

Okay, let's face it, there isn't a single Titans fan, player, or coach that isn't extremely disappointed by the current record of the team and especially the play in the last game. The team wants to feel encouraged during a game, but there are only so many times the fans can have their hearts broken before the cheers turn into curses.

All that said, there are still 5 reasons (at least) that all of us can still be excited about the rest of the season.

  1. The Maturation of Marcus Mariota - Mariota already has shown that he is going to be a special player in the NFL. He is on pace for around 4,000 yards and 29 touchdown passes. As long as he can stay healthy, we are going to see some special moments over the next 11 games. Also, he has just started to use his legs as well. This should open up the passing game, and I expect his numbers to continue to rise as he gets more comfortable in this offense.
  2. Jurrell Casey - This guy is a monster on the defensive line. He consistently makes plays in the backfield, and has been a real bright spot for this team over the last few years. He is a real play-maker on the defensive side of the ball.
  3. This may sound strange, but I remember some past seasons when the Titans struggled in winning games and that was when the coaching staff had to get the most creative. I expect to see special teams creativity, opening up the offense, and a more aggressive defense.