My Thoughts on 2015 Free Agency - Running Backs

Let me start by saying that this position, more than any other, has more questions about the direction. The running game never got started this season, and most of this can be linked to both the offensive line and the fact that this team was playing from behind so much they couldn't afford to run the ball.

What We've Got

When Shonn Greene came over for the 2013 season, there was some hope that the Titans days of "Thunder and Lightening" was back (with Chris Johnson at the time), but Greene has never materialized as either a great supplement to CJ2K (rushing for on 295 yards in 2013) or as the season opening starter (392 yards in 2014). He was never a short yardage threat, and has been a general disappointment.

Bishop Sankey was supposed to be a promising 2nd round pick, but from the little we were able to see from him, he seemed to be over matched by the faster, more powerful linebackers of the NFL. He was only able to amass 569 yards on 152 attempts with a measly 2 touchdowns. He might still have a place on this team, but with his current body of work I can only speculate that his role with be supplemental at best.

Dexter McCluster came in this season with fans (and coaches) salivating as how to use his many talents. However, for some unknown reason, his role was limited. He only got 131 yards rushing and 197 yards receiving. That is even less than pedestrian numbers. The Titans coaching staff were not able to get a game plan that included McCluster in the way the fans or, dare say, Dexter himself would have liked. He will be another option in the 2015 season. Let's just hope the coaches can find something for him to do.

Leon Washington is a free agent, and I don't believe will be a part of this team for 2015. His underwhelming performance in special teams, and being just another warm body in a mediocre backfield has sealed his fate.

Antonio Andrews is someone that the fans and media were excited to see if he had anything to show. He went to a local university (Western Kentucky University, a little more than an hour north of Nashville), but we never saw what he could do.

Potential Free Agent Acquisitions

Demarco Murray and Justin Forsett are free agents, but will either be re-signed by their team or have the franchise tag applied. Forsett is especially critical for the Ravens with the untimely departure of Ray Rice.

Mark Ingram is an intriguing possibility. There was high hopes when he left college, but he has never attained a 1,000 yard season. Unfortunately, his career has been marred with injuries, and unless he is medically sound he should not be a option.

Stevan Ridley is another injury victim that might be an option. Although he has posted a 1,000 yard season in 2012, his injuries could preclude the Titans from taking a chance on him.


There is not much out there that will excite the fan base. So, this will be yet another season where the Titans will search through the depths of the draft for a hopeful.

Todd Gurley (Georgia) and Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin) are primary targets for the 1st round. Since the Titans have more pressing needs, they will most likely be gone when the Titans are ready to pick a RB. I predict the Titans won't be ready to draft a RB until the 3rd round at the earliest. Also, the role of the RB has been greatly reduced with the new NFL rules that grant extra protection to the QB and WR. 

We can only hope that Bishop Sankey has more to offer than his first season.