Preseason: Titans @ Saints - 1st Series Thoughts

1st Series Defense

Saints win the toss and Bonani kicks it into the back of the end zone.

Michael Griffin made a nice break on the ball and almost had a nice interception. However, if McCown had thrown that ball ahead of the receiver it would have been six.

Coty Sensabaugh was beaten on a 3rd down play where there was an all out blitz.

Nobody has an answer for Jimmy Graham.

Missed tackles are plaguing the Titans 1st team defense.

Saints score a TD when the Titans defense cannot put enough pressure on the QB.

No one on the 1st team defense seems to be afraid for their job.

1st Series Offense

Mariani makes a nice return to the 38.

Shonn Green had a punishing run.

The Saints defense seems to know how to play the 3-4 and the Titans didn't.

Offense looks sharp.

McCluster had a nice catch

Denard Walker fumbled the ball/incomplete pass. I don't like what I seeing from Walker lately. He hands are a real question.

 Saints penalties help the Titans.

Another BEAUTIFUL catch by Justin Hunter in the corner of the end zone. TD Titans.