Something Must Be Done NOW, and Yes Firing Someone Is An Option

A little over an hour ago I watched the Titans be absolutely destroyed by an up-and-coming Vikings team. The score was an overwhelming 30 - 7, but that wasn't the worst part.

Let's look at some of the numbers on Offense:


Hasselbeck: 26/43 200 yds 1 TD 1 INT 

Smith 3/5 34 yds

TOTAL: 234 yds 1 TD 1 INT


C. Johnson 15 att 24 yds 1 fumble

Babineaux 1 att 10 yds

Hasselbeck 2 att 10 yds

Reynaud 1 att 8 yds

TOTAL: 18 att 44 yds 1 fumble


Wright 9 rec 66 yds

Cook 5 rec 37 yds 1 TD

Washington 3 rec 29 yds

Britt 2 rec 23 yds

Others 10 rec 79 yds

TOTAL: 29 rec 234 yds 1 TD

Many of these passing numbers were when the Titans were horribly behind, but even then the offense was at best ineffective, at worst inept. There were inopportune penalties, crushing turnovers, and the overall inability to show any sort of consistency. The offensive line is one of the worst parts of this team. Too many times there are multiple defensive players in the backfield. Too many times the offensive line had mental mistakes. WHY? We have 2 Hall of Fame coaches that got there by being top offensive lineman, but our line is disjointed and undisciplined. The only shining light right now is the rookie, Kendall Wright. He plays with passion on a team that is full of the passion-less.

The play-calling has no imagination and is completely predictable. The blame has to lie with 2 people, Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer and Head Coach Mike Munchak. Although I am a huge fan of Muchack, he is the head coach and has the final word on the direction of the team. On the other hand, I do believe that OC Palmer is a major reason this offense is 25th in the league in scoring points. This isn't a case of not having the proper personnel. Let me repeat that so I am clear... THIS ISN'T A CASE OF NOT HAVING THE PROPER Personnel! I am of the strong opinion that Chris Palmer and Mike Munchak are on shaky ground.

All that being said, this isn't the worst part of the team. Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray has taken quality players and designed a scheme that has given up the most points in the league, 181 points. That is a whopping 36.2 points per game. Granted, 14 points in the Houston game were scored on interception returns. However, this is completely unacceptable if this team has a whisper of a chance at salvaging this season. The defense has been completely out of position, lost all semblance of fundamentals, and cannot get off the field on 3rd down. Players like one-time Pro Bowler Michael Griffin have made so many mental mistakes at crucial parts of the game, that they look like they are stealing their paycheck. Our defensive backs have been torched for 285 yards and 2 TDs per game. The league is talking about something we've known for several seasons now. Our defense cannot stop a TE. We are consistently torched by TE's with only above average talent. Our defense has been completely misused and the fault, once again, lies with the coordinator and the head coach.

Finally, to get this team back on track, we need drastic, hard decisions to be made. One or both of our coordinators need to be shown the door. Other position coaches should possibly follow. Offensive line coach Bruce Matthews, and secondary coach Brett Maxie both should consider bringing boxes into their offices so they can pack quickly. Also, Head Coach Mike Munchak is on very uneasy ground. I believe the only thing saving the jobs or Munchak and Matthews is their history with the team.