Titans @ Jaguars Aftermath / Titans vs. Ravens - Do We Have a Chance

Jaguars 16 Titans 14 ...painful words to type, but not as painful as watching how the Titans performed in the game.

What I saw:

 - 4 straight special teams plays with penalties

 - CJ: 9 attempts for 24 yards

 - 7 drives that were 3 and out

 - defense gave up 1st down yardage on countless 3rd downs





  1. Kenny Britt (5-136-2TDs) - Shows mid-season form. 2 TD receptions; 1 showing his speed and the other showing his hand strength and footwork
  2. Nate Washington (6-67) - He was the go-to guy when we needed a first down
  3. Matt Hasselbeck (21-34-263yds-2TDs) - He showed confidence in the pocket and when he didn't get help in the running game, he showed that he could keep us in the game.




  1. The running game - CJ was more than just contained, he had nowhere to go. Many times there were Jaguars in every hole and every gap. The offensive line was surprisingly overmatched.
  2. Failure during the clutch - Matt Hasselbeck threw off his back foot, threw to the wrong place, and ignored that we only needed a FG.
  3. Damian Williams - If he keeps dropping passes, he will find himself on the fast track out of the NFL.




  1. Akeem Ayers (7 total tackles) - He showed a real hunger for attacking the ball, and tracked down the runner from behind
  2. Barrett Ruud (14 total tackles) - He was able to deliver the tackles more than anyone else on the team.




  1. 3rd down defense - How many times did we get the Jags in 3rd and long, but we allowed a third-rate QB to throw for the 1st down.
  2. Gerald McRath - too many missed tackles
  3. No true sense of sticking with a scheme


This was heartbreaking to watch, and until the Titans can fix at least one of the major issues, I don't see them winning a single game.

Titans vs. Ravens

The Ravens were supposed to have a tough game last week against the Steelers, but absolutely crushed them. The Titans were supposed to have a close game, but by many thought to have the edge. Other than the score, the Jags were completely control of this game. Unless this was a complete anomaly on both parts, this could go very wrong for the Titans.

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