2011 Draft Class - My Thoughts - 6th and 7th Rounds

6th Round - Pick #175

OT Byron Stingily - Louisville

Stingily is a hoss of player. He is 6' 5" and 315 lbs., but is as raw as they come. He was undersized (believe it or not) out of high school, but added 65 lbs. in his two years at Joliet Junior College. If anyone is going to bring him around, it will be the Titans. With 2 offensive line Hall of Famers on the staff, this should be good to watch. If he doesn't cut it in training camp, then you most likely won't see him on any other NFL squad. If they can "coach him up", he might be a really good one. He has good feet and good athletic ability, so they do have something to work with. Something else to note is that he played defensive end in high school, and that might give him a little insight into the thought processes of the players lining up against him.


Size - Holy moly this guy is huge. He is Michael Oher huge. This is an intangible you can't teach and is a good thing to have in that position.

Feet - Moves his feet well and smoothly. Is able to keep leverage and doens't get out of position often.

Nastiness - Has that special thing that you like to see out of your blind side tackle. Just enough nasty to mentally distract the defensive lineman. There is nothing like getting into someone's head on the first series and taking them out of their game.


Hands - He has poor hand techniques and allows a defender into his body too often.

Mental - Loses the snap count; trouble keeping his head in the game.

Run blocking - His techniques need a lot of work in sealing off the lane for the run.


This guy is a project, but was definitely worth a look in the 6th round. Both "Big Country" and Roos are definite starters, but it is not too early to look into the next generation of players. He might be just another casualty of late round drafting, but then again he could be that diamond in the rough we need on the line for CJ and Locker to have long careers.

7th Round - Pick #212

DT Zach Clayton - Auburn

At 6' 2" and 299 lbs., he fits the size we need. I found an article on this guy listed as "The Best NFL Draft Prospect You Have Yet To Hear About". That's a good sign from someone in the 7th round. He was Nick Fairly's right hand man at Auburn, and won defensive player of the year in 2010. He is clearly quick, strong, and explosive as demonstrated in his pro day workout. He has high praise from NFL Scouts, NFL Coaches, and his own head coach at Auburn. He has a high motor and chases people down the field, whereas some ex-Titans DT's have been seen laying on the field.


Hustle - Great hustle and motor for an interior lineman, which is usually indicative of a good work ethic.

"No Surrender" - Always moving forward, whether sideline-to-sideline, up the field against the pass, or tracking down a offensive player down the field.

Tough - Gets low at the point of attack and maintains the line of scrimmage in a short yardage situation.


Strength - Only average strength for the position. A veteran center will win this battle against him.

Not a playmaker - He doesn't make the huge play you need when it counts, and only makes the tackle in the backfield when he can utilize his speed to shoot the gap.

Small arms/hands - This is something you can alter, and he will have a difficult time overcoming this


He would be a great fit into the rotation, and it would be nice to have his quickness be utilized on plays where he can shoot the gap and disrupt a play. I can't help shake this thought in the back of my mind that he might have been overlooked because everyone was so enamored with Nick Fairly. I can only hope so.

7th Round - Pick #251

DB Tommie Campbell - California (PA)

Campbell has unusual height for the position (6' 3"), which is a real asset when it comes to covering the taller wide outs. He also is one of the older player in the draft at 23, which sounds crazy to say at my age. On top of having the height we lack at the position, he has excellent speed (running 4.31 and 4.33 for the 40 in his post-season workout). In college he started 4 games at CB, but is expected to compete for a safety position on the Titans. 

This guy is kind of a mystery. There isn't much out there to talk about. So, I have very little to go on.


Speed - This guy has the speed to start at CB, but is converted from a linebacker position, so he has the hitting power you expect at the position.

Height - Something you can't coach, and we desperately need in the defensive backfield.

Working off a second chance - It's strange to say that so early in someone's career, but he has already had his second chance and most of the time that means extra effort.


Commitment - This is more of a guess from what I have read. He flunked out of Pittsburg, and just didn't go to class at Edinboro. This resulted in his expulsion. I'm not sure if this was a lack of commitment, lack of motivation, or some other factor on which we can only speculate.

Unknown - You don't know what or how much you can expect from him. Some players you push harder because you know they have more to give, but with Campbell that is a real mystery.