2011 Draft Class - My Thoughts - 5th Round

5th Round - Pick #142

DL Karl Klug - Iowa

Klug was yet another pick on the defensive side of the ball. He is 6' 3" and 275 lbs, which seems a little light for playing on the interior of the line. However, at Iowa, he had 140 tackles, 31 of which were for a loss, and 9.5 sacks. At Iowa he played defensive tackle, but he might need to bulk up a little to fit in there for the NFL. He once played RB, so it might be tough for him to put on 10 to 15 pounds to gain the padding he needs to take the pounding.

Experts are saying that he has already reached his peek, but I find it tough to imagine someone that has continued to produce can be written off so easily. You may not hear his name among the NFL leaders in sacks or tackles, but that doens't mean he can't be productive. If he puts in the work, he could eaily supplant some of the other players on the defensive line who are always on the bubble.


Explosive - The only thing he kept from his time as a running back was his explosive first step. Whether he is kept as a defensive tackle, moved to the end, or playing situational downs at both positions, his motor could disrupt running plays, and draw attention away from a true pass rusher on passing downs (thus freeing him up).

Good Technique - Gets into his stance and explodes off the snap. He uses his arms violently to gain leverage and then locates the ball. Plays well away from the ball.

Intensity - He has the "want to" in getting to the ball. His intensity and desire combined give him the extra edge on every play.


Lacks size - Needs more bulk for the interior. He cannot hold his ground against a double team from a strong guard and center combination.

Lacks strength - This is obviously fixable, but as of now lacks the massive strength needed to play interior line.

Tackling Trouble - Has trouble bringing down the more elusive backs. Doesn't break down quick enough to make the tackle.


My initial thoughts were that Klug will not make the cut, but the Titans defensive line needs help. If he is willing to put in the extra work to perfect his technique and utilize his positives, he might just make the team as a situational player. However, my suggestion if this happens is for him to invest his money. I don't believe he will be in the league long enough to get the big payday.