2011 Draft Class - My Thoughts - 3rd Round

3rd Round - Pick #77

DL Jurrell Casey - USC

Casey is a young talent. He skipped his senior season at USC to enter the draft, but still has some impressive numbers for his time there. At 6' 1" 300 lbs, he has the size to be that run stuffer we have missed since Albert Haynesworth. He started 26 of his 38 games at USC. Among his stats are 138 tackles, 9 sacks, 22 stops for losses, had 3 forced fumbles, and recovered 4.

Casey is going to be yet another cog in the system that is our defensive line rotation. If he plays anywhere close to as big as his size he will free up our speedy DE's and LB's to put pressure on the opposing QB's. What he lacks in agility, he more than makes up for in sheer strength and bulk. He could use some "coaching up", but could have had 1st round draft potential if this class weren't so top-heavy with A+ talent. However, he still graded out as a 2nd round pick. I believe the Titans may have gotten a steal in Casey.


Strength - He is stout and can push the pocket to disrupt the play. His wide base and solid techniques will help against the run.

Solid tackler - This has been an area of concern both Lindsey and I have expressed, and he brings a solid foundation to build upon when tackling the runner.

Durability - Playing nose tackle and the interior of any defensive line tests any athlete, but he only missed one game. In the interior of our defensive line is where we have had the biggest problem keeping people healthy. It would be great to really count on a player to be there game in and game out.


Lacks height for the position - Strange to say that 6' 1" is small, but he is just short of the desired height to really disrupt some of the taller QB's in the league.

Relys too much on his quickness - He's not fast, but is quick off the ball. Sounds like a positive doesn't it? However, that can lead to him being taken out of a play by a savvy OL. 

Struggles in locating the ball - He gets caught out of position because he overpursues or misidentifies who has the ball.


With the exception of his height, he can be coached out of all of his negatives. That being said, he will need to show the work ethic and intensity to move himself to the next level. He could be exactly what we needed in the defensive line; solid, disruptive, and constant. However, he could turn out to be just part of the rotation without any real potential met.