Take On The Titans

The podcast is "just a regular guy talking football"... specifically the Tennessee Titans. I've been delivering Titans news from my point of view since 2006. This is a forum for fans of the Tennessee Titans by a fan of the Tennessee Titans. I try to be realistic in my viewpoints without losing my passion for my team of choice.

I record the podcast at least once a week during the season and about once a month during the offseason. I take fan questions and give answers the best way I can. I don't always get it right, but that is when you get to throw it in my face.

If you want to send me your opinions, thoughts, or just say hi, email contactus@takeonthetitans.com or call me to leave a voicemail at 615.784.9308.

Michael Hopkins


Age: 53

Height: 5' 11"

Loves: Obscure movie quotes.

Grew up a hardcore Dolphins fan, but has been a fan of the Titans since 1997.

Favorite All-Time Titans Player: Eddie George

Best Titans Memory: (Tie) Music City Miracle, Beating the Jaguars in the playoffs for the 3rd time that year (1999 Season), Nashville hosting the 2019 NFL Draft