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S13.346 - Titans vs Jets & Titans vs Jaguars


Titans @ Texans - 4th Quarter Notes

Down by 10 as the 4th quarter opens. My thoughts about the 4th:


  • I spend a bunch of my time scratching my head and shouting “WHAT?!” Why would you put Jonnu Smith 1-on-1 with JJ Watt?!
  • Vrabel challenges a potential fumble, but hasn’t won a challenge this year… and still hasn’t
  • Calls aren’t going the Titans way… does this feel like the later Jeff Fisher years all over again?
  • Jonnu Smith really can’t block either
  • Adoree Jackson injured… SMH
  • Titans are going to go 2-2 now in the AFC South
  • Texans try to run up the score?
  • Mariota with a big day, but underused
  • TEs get late work
  • Henry fumbles late


Titans lose and now need to run the table to have hopes for the playoffs.




Titans open up the quarter with a 3 point lead, but the Texans are in scoring position.

2nd quarter thoughts:


  • 1st play shows that defense must always watch Watson
  • Holy crap Kline does not know how to block!
  • Tajae Sharp injured 
  • Mariota smartly using his legs
  • Questionable play call on the 4th and goal
  • Run defense is losing this game…
  • Adoree Jackson is fast
  • Dion Lewis is not the answer tonight
  • Butler injured
  • 2-minute warning and the Titans are losing by 11.
  • Unfortunate penalties are hurting the Titans
  • Mariota is getting a little jumpy


The Titans are not a 2nd quarter team, and it showed. Titans 10 Texans 24


Titans @ Texans - 1st Quarter Notes

The Titans open up a 5 1/2 point underdog to the Texans. Some thoughts during the 1st quarter:


  • Texans owner Bob McNair died this past week. Prayers to his family.
  • Titans lose the toss again. Only 1 win all season
  • Opening drive showed that the Titans can weather the storm of the Texans blitz
  • Dion Lewis wants to break a big one, but he is doing just a little too much
  • Ryan Succop puts the Titans on the board first with the 31-yard FG
  • Derrick Morgan looks slow
  • The defense is coming after Watson.
  • Jonnu Smith is having a huge 2nd half of the season. I give me all the credit since I was saying how bad he was in the 1st half. LOL
  • Missed tackles are part of the Texans’ 2nd drive
  • Adoree Jackson is showing that he is still a young DB in the league
  • Mariota-to-Davis is coming around


At the end of the 1st: Titans 10 Texans 7