Episode 275


More Changes...

Things continue to change in subtle (and not so subtle) ways, but the Titans seem to be heading in the right direction. Interim Coach Mularkey is putting his stamp on the team, and the latest changes seem to be purging some of the Whisenhunt agenda.

The first move this week that scraped off some of the stench of Whisenhunt, was to waive "Clipboard Jesus" himself, Charlie Whitehurst. He was cut to make room for RB David Cobb returning from sort-term IR. Although we are completely unsure what the addition of Cobb will mean for this running game, if he is anything close what we saw in the pre-season then he is our best option at running back. The release of Whitehurst, some say, is not permanent, but the writing is on the wall that he will not be a part of the future here in Tennessee.

The second move this week was to remove Taylor Lewan as captain and replace him with Dexter McCluster. Mularkey stated that Lewan had not spent an entire season on the field yet, and that McCluster was deserving of the move. He also stated that Lewan completely understood and was very professional about the change. I think Lewan is strong enough to handle the change, but I think it is important he work to earn the position the next time.

I'm not sure what future moves are in store in the Mularkey regime, but if I had to guess it would be distancing this team further away from any stamp that Whisenhunt left behind.


A Refreshing Change

The Titans came out with a new (interim) head coach, the return of their franchise QB, and an offensive coordinator given a chance to call his game. The result, a real sense that no matter the circumstances they can still win; and they did.

Marcus Mariota is still growing as a quarterback in the NFL, but he is so much further along than any young QB we've seen, and yes I'm including Steve McNair. I'm not saying he is going to be better than McNair, but there is a real calmness to his leadership. I will say that he doesn't appear to be the athlete that McNair was, but his quick release and maturation to this point is a little ahead of where McNair was at this stage.

The "brilliant" move by Mike Mularkey to make changes to this offensive line was something that every Titans fan was begging for. There were 7 sacks in the last game and zero in this game. There was also a more consistent run game too. Maybe it was obvious to everyone, but it was nice to see the Titans do something to help their offense.

Speaking of brilliance, some say lucky, Delanie Walker was in the right place at the right time on multiple occasions. He had 2 TDs, 7 receptions, and 95 yards receiving. He already was the stand out veteran on the offense, and while everyone else stepped up their game to match his previous intensity, but he took it to a new even higher level.

What else can be said for this defense? Yes, we know the DB's need to be changed, but we are working with what we got. The addition of B. W. Wells from the practice squad came at the exact right time. Although I love the intensity on defense, it needs to be under control. Orakpo came close to being ejected from the game. What I'm saying is that it wasn't pretty or perfect, but it was good enough to win.

The Titans are now 2 - 6, but the division leader is only 4 - 5 and are still within range. Let's all hope that this is something that can be built on and not just an anomaly.


Episode 274 - Titans @ Texans and Titans @ Saints

274 Take On The Titans news items:


  • Hello guys,

    I'm Joe, I live in Gardner, Kansas. I've been a die hard Titans fan for years. I gotta say I really miss the Steve McNair and Eddie George years…

    Moving on from the yesteryears though I gotta say, I think we (as fans) should give whisenhunt a break. He inherited a horrible roster outside of Casey and I believe that Wright could be a great receiver if we had a few more weapons to go along him.. I've got to give whisenhunt credit for going with Mariota instead of trading the pick away for multiple picks, I certainly would have draft day, but after watching Mariota, with a better line and a few playmakers I believe he could become a true star in this league (if he can stay healthy).

    Falcons v. Titans
    The defense stepped up all game, the offense let them down. Another case of not being able to close out a game and finish an opponent off. Of course some of the blame could go on coaching, but players need to be held accountable as well. If we could close an opponent out just ONCE! I think that sort of thing can become infectious and games after that players can start feeling the (we've been here, done that) attitude it takes to win those games and not the (oh, here we go again) mentality that seems to be in the locker room now.

    My players of the game
    Offense: hard to choose but I'll go with Walker.
    Defense: Woodyard

    Keep up the great work guys!! I enjoy listening to your podcast.
    Joe in KC

    P.S. Go Royals!!
    Eric, Lindsey, and Michael.

    I had to say something about this coaching change. Yes Whiz was awful, no doubt. However making Mike Mularkey the stand in head coach isn’t going to change things. It’s still the same system whiz left behind. I think this is going to be another lost season for us fans. I listened to every minute of the press conference about the coaching change and all that I had learned is  Mike Mularkey has no direction of his own for this team, and it didn’t sound like he was going to change much. and also ownership made it clear that all they care about is butts in the seats. STUPID.

    listen i know that Mularkey was just propelled into this wrong but he had to have an idea this was coming and have had some kinda thought about what he would change with this team, but all he kept saying was, "I havn’t had time at all to think about what the team needs going forward".

    I tell ya guys, give me a clipboard, I’d at least get this team to 5 wins with NO EXPERIENCE! what a dumpster fire!



  • Titans fire Ken Whisenhunt

  • Titans hire Mike Mularkey as interim head coach

  • Does this mean the end of Ruston Webster?

  • RB David Cobb probably not back until next week

  • RB Antonio Andrews has finally emerged as the #1 option at RB (for now)

Titans @ Texans

  • Offensive POTG:
    Michael: Ryan Succop
    Lindsey: Antonio Andrews

  • Defensive POTG:
    Michael: Wesley Woodyard/Jurrell Casey
    Lindsey: Brian Orakpo

Titans @ Saints

  • How can the Titans contain Drew Brees?

  • Can this offensive line protect the Titans QB?

  • OC Jason Michael calling the plays on the sideline for the first time

  • Bold Predictions:
    Michael: Titans play strong for 3 1/2 quarters instead of 2
    Lindsey: Titans win

  • Score
    Michael: Titans 17 Saints 21
    Lindsey: Titans 21 Saints 17

Stupid Question of the Week

  • If it were possible, would you rehire Jeff Fisher? Mike Munchak?



Things To Fix - Offensive Line

There are several parts of this team that needs to be fixed, but let's start with the offensive line. I believe this unit has at least 4 of the 5 best starters already on it.

Let's take a look at our current staters:


  • Left Tackle - Taylor Lewan: Although he has struggled in the last couple of games, he is absolutely the anchor of this line. He has struggled with the penalties, and that is a result of sloppy technique and sloppy coaching. 
  • Left Guard - Byron Bell: He started out at right tackle, but was switched to guard with the first shuffling of the line. We haven't heard his name called much, but the unit as a whole has struggled so much it's hard to think he might be doing a good job. 
  • Center - Andy Gallik: It's tough to get a real feel for this guy, but he is an extremely tough Boston College guy. He did get a concussion almost right off the bat, but he will be the starter if he is cleared by league concussion protocol.
  • Right Guard - Chance Warmack: I switch back and forth whether he is a bust or really good. I think he has some real skills, but his footwork is exploited too often. He is a gifted run blocker, but is beaten off the line by quicker defensive lineman in the passing game.
  • Left Guard - Jeremiah Poutasi: This rookie has struggled against the stars in this league, but he has also had almost no help from the offensive scheme. I believe he would be of better use in another role.

My take on the starting line:


  • Left Tackle - Taylor Lewan: He's too gifted to keep down and too diligent to keep making these mental mistakes.
  • Left Guard - Jeremia Poutasi: He is more of a natural guard, and could gather a real boost in confidence playing next to Lewan.
  • Center - Andy Gallik: At least until Schwenke returns, this is the best option. Looney helped out in a pinch, but I think Gallik is a better fit, and just might supplant Schwenke once we see more of him.
  • Right Guard - Chance Warmack: He is a better player when he has a quality tackle on his right.
  • Right Tackle - Byron Bell: Returning him here is the best option we have for now. He is the one man on the line I think needs to be replaced with a free agent or draft pick in the offseason.


I believe that 75% of the issues with our offense is right here. The line in its current form cannot protect Mariota, and the running game is only succeeding in spurts. This has got to be the main focus of the Mularkey coaching regime.

Current stats:


  • Sacks Allowed: 28 (29th)
  • QB Hits: 57 (29th)
  • Rushing Yards: 701 (24th)
  • Points Scored: 125 (31st)


Strangely enough, this division is still in reach, and the Titans are heading into a tough stretch.