2014 Season Thoughts

It's funny when you look at all the NFL pundits and how they review the upcoming season (for any year). Every single one of them for the most seasoned ESPN/NFL Network/ to the smallest of podcaster () have a varying degree of guesswork on how various teams and players will perform when it comes to game time. I realize that most of the time my speculation is not nearly as accurate as someone like a Peter King or Adam Schefter, but with the information I have available to me, my speculation (guesses) can get closer and closer.

That being said, here are my "lesser expert" predictions:


Jake Locker will begin to turn heads with his play, and will quickly lead the Titans offense into one of the top scoring ones in the league. I believe by week 3 he will be talked about on a regular basis on several sports networks. However, by week 12 the Titans will be on the edge of missing the playoffs, and they will start to say he can't lead the team into the playoffs (much less the Super Bowl).

Shonn Greene will be replaced by Bishop Sankey by the bye week. However, neither Greene nor Sankey will get a 1,000 yards this season. However, the Titans' running backs will show flashes of great things in the passing game with both Dexter McCluster and Biship Sankey catching 50 balls each by the end of the season.

Justin Hunter will have his breakout year and catch 18 TDs on 75 catches.

Kendall Wright will continue his steady improvement, and be a primary target for Locker on 3rd down.

The defense will start off the season struggling against both the pass and the run, but by midseason the run defense will be corrected. However, the Titans will continue to struggle in the passing game. Wreh-Wilson will lose his starting role, and a miriad of players will be used to fill in. However, Wreh-Wilson will regain the role by the end of the season only because the Titans don't have a suitable replacement.

Michael Griffin will rejuvinate his career and have at least 8 interceptions on the year.


The Titans will struggle to fill the seats in the first half of the season, but by the end there will be new hope in the fanbase and the sellout streak will continue.

The team will make the playoffs in the last spot, but be eliminated in the first round.

The Titans will see some of the worst home weather in team history, with several games having snow.

The team will begin preliminary discussions about a new stadium.




Preseason: Titans @ Saints - 1st Series Thoughts

1st Series Defense

Saints win the toss and Bonani kicks it into the back of the end zone.

Michael Griffin made a nice break on the ball and almost had a nice interception. However, if McCown had thrown that ball ahead of the receiver it would have been six.

Coty Sensabaugh was beaten on a 3rd down play where there was an all out blitz.

Nobody has an answer for Jimmy Graham.

Missed tackles are plaguing the Titans 1st team defense.

Saints score a TD when the Titans defense cannot put enough pressure on the QB.

No one on the 1st team defense seems to be afraid for their job.

1st Series Offense

Mariani makes a nice return to the 38.

Shonn Green had a punishing run.

The Saints defense seems to know how to play the 3-4 and the Titans didn't.

Offense looks sharp.

McCluster had a nice catch

Denard Walker fumbled the ball/incomplete pass. I don't like what I seeing from Walker lately. He hands are a real question.

 Saints penalties help the Titans.

Another BEAUTIFUL catch by Justin Hunter in the corner of the end zone. TD Titans.



My Thoughts on the Titans 2014 Draft (Round 1)



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Some Things That Are Bugging Me...


  • "Media" Predictions For The Titans Season

Before I go into this I feel I must disclose that on the next episode (not yet released, that we will give our predictions for the 2013 season. That being said, here are my thoughts.

With the upcoming 2013 season, the so-called "media" are giving their thoughts about what we can expect out of the Tennessee Titans. Writers like Michael Schottey from predicting an ominous 4-12 record, Wes Sims of predicting a mediocre 8-8, and Joshua Vance of predicting a improvement of 10-6, each give what they think are valid reasons for their opinion. However, even with the opinion given by Mr. Vance, I feel few give credit to the Titans coaching staff and front office for the massive, sweeping changes made to remake this team. 

At first I was outraged by writers like Michael Schottey because it fits into the very small-minded thinking from the media because we are a small market team (picking teams like Jacksonville and Kansas City to beat us handily... really?!!). However, I then welcome his opinion because I believe that the Titans will surprise many teams and sports writers alike, and I want the Titans to play the "underdog" as long as possible. 

I especially like the odds of our offense to rebound due to almost complete retooling of our offensive line. Andy Levitre, Chance Warmack, and Brian Schwenke are reason enough to believe that our offensive weapons will have time and room to excel. That means bigger lanes for Chris Johnson and plenty of options for Jake Locker (more on Locker later).

Also, I believe the addition of Greg Williams cannot be overstated. He will bring a consistency and animal-like aggression to our defense. Through the draft and addition of key free agents, our team has also gained speed. Although I believe our defense has the bigger questions to answer, I believe the front office has given them the very best chance to bring them back into the ass-kicking, name-taking, back-breaking organization they once were.

I understand all this is just "blowin' smoke" and that the results will be found on the field each Sunday. I also realize that this is a league of "what have you done for me lately". However, I find it hard to ignore so of these prognostications when they are clearly overlooking everything the Titans have done in the off-season.

  • Jake Locker "Death March"

Yes, Jake Locker is the primary question mark on offense, and many have written him off as a mistake. However, I believe we must give him a chance to prove himself with a full season. I realize that with QBs like Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick having such success in their 1st season that little patience is given for young QBs (especially ones that were given little chance in the beginning).

This team is Locker's to lead, and from what I read and see the team is fully behind him. There is nothing like a team truly united.


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